A Historical View

It follows the development of my work over the years. Included are places where it happened, processes that were investigated and developed, as well as a selection of the sculpture created during that time.




I started building my first foundry on Martha St, San Jose, in 1960. Daryle Webb, Peter Teneau, Richard Mills, and Steve Daly became involved as it expanded. The sculptures pictured here were made during that time, 1960-1964. #37 on the left and #101 on the right.




The Morgan Hill foundry was built in 1964. It was a larger facilitiy allowing for bigger work, sand casting and styrofoam displacement processes. Tom Lynn and Ken Fagen became involved in this studio foundry. Below on the right you see an aluminum disk that is being removed from the casting sand. the pattern used to make the impression in the sand is in the background. Below is a finished Wall Medallion disk and to the right, three finished disks.

three disks



H working with styrofoam

Wall Mounted Machine Part

Styrofoam displacement was another technique I employed in making sculpture during that period. The piece that I am working on is A Study for a Mechanical Sculpture and Wall Mounted Machine Part is above. Below are mechanical sculptures, constructed so that parts can be rearranged. On the left is Fantasy of a Air Cleaner and on the right is Aluminum Mechanical Sculpture.


mechanical sculpture

Here I am working on a mold for casting the Sentinal in ductile iron. The finished Sentinel is on the right.

Holt with mold for iron sculpture


In 1966 I began teaching at Cabrillo College. At first I taught jewelry, later 3D Design and Sculpture.




In 1969 I moved my personal studio and foundry to Corralitos and have remained at this location to the present day. The Folded Plane, Hardware, and Italian series were or continued to be developed here.


Salerno from the Italian Suite.


Our Lady of the Hardware in plasticine. She was never finished. The earthquake intervened.


#311 of the Folded Plane series, installed on Pacific Garden Mall, Santa Cruz.


Adjusting Venezia from the Italian Suite.


Parts of Marine I and Marine II ready for assembly in the studio.

Shmuel Thaler's portrait of me in my backyard, shows other sculptural digressions that have intrigued me. Notice the large clay pipe sculpture and tensile structure.

Holt in sculpture garden

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